Keep your number when you join Skinny

You can switch your mobile to Skinny and keep your old number! And it's really easy.

How it works

  1. Grab a Skinny SIM or phone and set up an account with us.

  2. Log in to your Skinny Dashboard to transfer your number.

  3. Under the 'Phone, SIM & Number' tab, click 'Keep your number'.

  4. Fill in the online form (make sure you have your SIM serial or old prepaid account number ready)

  5. Once you successfully submit your request, your number will be transferred to Skinny in approximately 24 hours. You can keep using your old SIM until we actually transfer the number, and we'll send a confirmation email once your number has been moved over.

  6. Once your number is transferred, your old SIM will stop working, so pop your new Skinny SIM into the phone to get going.

  7. Ta-dah! You're done.

Remember, you're responsible for settling any outstanding charges and obligations you have with your old provider.

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