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How can I keep track of my data?
You can check how much data you have used and how much you have left by logging into your dashboard at It is updated in real-time.
Just make sure you have refreshed the page to get the latest information. To check your purchase history, go to ...

How does the Plan cap work?
You’ll be able to renew the Skinny Jump Plan 5 times each month. This means you’ll get a maximum of 150GB of wireless 4G data each month. When you try to renew your Skinny Jump plan for the 6th time in a month, you’ll get an error message that says you were not successful. Your Skinny Dashboard will have a reminder that you can only renew your plan 5 times each month. To see how many times you have renewed your plan in a month, check your purchase history through your Skinny dashboard.

Why is there a Plan cap?
Skinny Jump was designed to help all Kiwis get broadband at home, at a more affordable price. Some entertainment services like online gaming and watching videos burn through data and Skinny Jump wasn’t created for those services. We've opened Skinny Jump up to include more New Zealanders and we want to ensure everyone has a great experience.

My household needs more than 150GB a month, can I use Skinny Jump?
If you need more than 150GB each month there are other broadband plans¬†available, but these might be pricier. Because Skinny is prepaid, it’s easy to change and there will be no hidden charges.

Does the data rollover if unused?
No, Skinny Jump data does not rollover. Our data lasts for 30 days from when the voucher number is entered into the Skinny top-up page.

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