Dual SIM Phones on Skinny Mobile

Some dual SIM phones are compatible with Skinny, however, we cannot guarantee a complete service when two SIM cards are being used in the device. When a second SIM is introduced in a device, this may disrupt the signal required by the Skinny SIM, and result in customers losing communication service.

Here are some things to consider when it comes to using a Dual SIM phone:


Can I try any troubleshooting steps?

  1. Check whether the phone is 850/2100MHz compatible. This detail can be found on device packages or published on the phone manufacturer's website.

  2. Are you within coverage? Check here to find out!

  3. Take out all other SIM cards in your device.

  4. Place the Skinny SIM in SIM Slot 1.

  5. Turn on 3G/4G for SIM Slot 1.

  6. Turn off all data/3G/4G services for all other SIM slots.

If the device still has no connection, test the SIM in a compatible device to ensure that the SIM works.

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