Skinny Gifting - FAQs

How can I gift Rollover minutes/data?

I'm not on a Rollover Plan. Can I still gift Data or Minutes?

Do I need to be on a Plan to receive a gift?

Can I transfer Minutes from our retired $36, $46, or $66 Plan?

Can I transfer Minutes from Endless Plans? ($20 Weekly Unlimited, $36, $46, $70 Plans)

Why do I only have 7 days to use my gifted minutes/data?

I sent my gift to the wrong account, what do I do?

Is there a limit to how much I can gift?

I received gifted minutes/data, can I re-gift it to someone who is on Skinny too?

Do I get a notification when my gift expires?

I am on a Rollover Plan and I have not exceeded the monthly Gifting Limit, however, I am still unable to Gift any of my Rollover Minutes or Data. Why is that? 

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