What’s a Lot or DP number and why have I been asked for it?

Sometimes your street number may not be in our address database yet. This often happens when the address is newly created, in the situation of a subdivision or new build for example. In these situations we need to create your address in the database before we can connect your broadband. We’ll ask for the legal description of your property so we can do that.


The legal description is how the property is described on legal documents. It’s sometimes called a Lot/DP number as it usually includes the letters “Lot” and “DP” in it. It’ll look something like this: Lot 123 DP45678.

Your Lot/DP number can be found on the Certificate of Title of the land and also on the rates bill from the council. If you need help finding it, you can ask the council, your landlord, real estate agent, or lawyer.

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