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What can I do


If you have lost your Skinny Mobile device or SIM, you can initiate a temporary or permanent block on your SIM / Device to prevent someone from it. 

If your device has been stolen, we recommend you contact the police regarding the theft. You can then contact our Customer Care Team (0800 475 4669) and initiate a temporary / permanent block on your device to prevent someone from using it.

To place a temporary block on your SIM:

     1. Log into your Skinny Mobile Dashboard using your email and password

     2. On the light orange sub menu at the top right hand-side of the screen click on "Phone, SIM & Number"

     3. Click "Block or Unblock your SIM card"

You can use the same steps to remove the temporary block on your SIM through your online account.

The dashboard is available in New Zealand or overseas, so you can use it to block your SIM even if you lose your phone while travelling.

If you need further assistance or are unable to initiate the block online, please contact us on 0800 44 00 11 for further assistance.


Check out the images below as a guide for performing the steps above. 


  1. Log into skinny.co.nz and select Dashboard  

  2. Select the first option Phone, SIM & Number 

  3. Finally, click the orange button that says "BLOCK MY SIM CARD"

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