SIM Swap

How can I move my Skinny number/account to a new Skinny SIM? 

You can transfer your Skinny number/account to a new Skinny SIM by performing a SIM Swap once logged into the Dashboard section.

You will need to buy a new Skinny SIM from your local convenience store, petrol station or shop from our online store

This is handy if you need to switch from a regular SIM to a micro or nano SIM. You can also follow this process to swap a lost Skinny number/account to a new Skinny SIM.

IMPORTANT: Do not activate the new Skinny SIM you want to swap the existing number/account onto.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if I have activated the new Skinny SIM?
    If you have already activated the new Skinny SIM, you'll need to call 204 or 0800 4 754669 and one of our Customer Solutions Advisors will assist you further with the SIM swap.

  2. What do I do if I'm trying to join Skinny for the first time and keep my number?
    If you're trying to bring your number from another mobile phone company you'll need to fill out a form to Keep Your Number.

  3. What details can I keep when doing a SIM Swap? 
    You get to keep any remaining Skinny credit, Rollover Data/Minutes, online account and your current plan. Unfortunately, text messages and saved contacts are not transferable as these details are saved on the mobile device.  



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