Storing credit card details

Can I store my credit card details so that I don't have to enter it every time I top up?

You can store your credit card information to save you from having to manually enter it online every time you want to top up.

1. If you don't have an online account you need to register first.

2. After logging in to the Dashboard go to the Settings page and click on Stored credit/debit card

3. Follow the instructions and enter your details. You'll also need to choose a 4 digit security code that we'll ask you for any time you want to use this stored card.

4. If you need to change or update your credit card details, simply click settings on the dashboard and then navigate to Stored credit/debit card and then select replace existing card.Once this is all changed online you can use this card to top up when you call 204 or via the Skinny app or via the Skinny Mobile Menu.

Here's a couple of things you can check if your credit card top up did not go through:

1. Check if the credit card details you have entered are correct.

2. Check you have enough money available on your credit card to cover the cost of the top up.

Remember you can top up online. If you have already saved your credit card details online, you can top up with the  or by calling 204 from your Skinny phone.

If you are still experiencing issues topping up, give us a call on 204 from your Skinny mobile or 0800 4 754669 from another phone.

Skinny Mobile does not store your actual card details.

Once you have stored your credit card details you can also top up through our self service menus with that stored credit card.
Dial 204 for our automated voice service or dial *888# for the Mobile Menu.


Please note that we only support VISA and MASTERCARD FOR Credit/debit card top-ups.

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