Overage for plan excess

What happens if I run out of my allocated minutes, texts or data before my Plan is due to renew?

Minutes and Texts

If you run out of your allocated minutes or texts before your Plan is due to renew, any extra minutes or texts used will be charged at our Overage rates. 



If you run out of your allocated data, you will not be able to access any data related services.

If you would like to continue using data, you may need to buy a data Add-On until your Plan renews.

This is because there is no data overage on Skinny Mobile which means you have more control over your data spend and won't have any unexpected data charges.

If you want to renew or change your Plan early and purchase any add-ons, you can do this through your online Skinny Dashboard, via the Skinny, or through SMS Self Service 2424.

If you choose to continue on Overage rates, your plan will renew as usual provided you have enough credit on the renewal date.


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