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RouteThis - LiveView is an assisting tool that can be a big help with troubleshooting modems, specifically for our Fixed customers, who have different cables and methods of connecting their modems.  It means no more guessing games with customers when they are trying to describe what they see or how things are set up. With customers using their device camera and a few simple instructions you can view what your customer can see. 


This feature can play a key role in:

  •     Reducing Handle Times (AHT)
  •     Improving Service Scores and Happier Customers (NPS)
  •     Reducing angry customers trying to describe things in their home and on their screen
  •     Making calls easier and less painful, in an interactive way!  

If you’re interested in learning more about it, feel free to reach out to Kam to set up some time to chat. Please do go through the AKO module as well;



Tips to set you and your customer up for a successful RouteThis experience:

  •     The customer must have an iOS or Android device (mobile or tablet)
  •     The customer must have access to a camera on the device and must have either mobile data or Wi-Fi turned on. Tip: If LiveView is not working well on Wi-Fi, have the customer turn the Wi-Fi off and use mobile data instead!
  •     To see what your customer sees; you need to be logged into RouteThis in your Chrome browser



 Steps for using RouteThis:


Step 1: Login through this link: (bookmark it).



Password: xxxxxxx (in the email)

Please create new strong password using (recommended)


Step 2: Click on Option 2


Text message sent! Ask customer to click link in text message.



Step 3: Get customer to click on link

  1. Ask the customer to open the text message via the text message push notification at the top of the screen.
  2. Ask the customer to click the link in the text message.




Step 4: Get them to click on Photo or live video

What do you need the customer to do?

  • To send a photo, ask the customer to click 'PHOTO'
  • To start a live video session, ask the customer to click 'LIVE VIDEO Once they click on Live video please press Accept on your end.



It will then attempt to join the video session

It will look like this on their phone where you can ask them to move around modem and ONT or wherever you need to see (below image);


And like this on our computer:


Once done just click on End session or take snapshots if needed

Posted - Tue, May 24, 2022 at 11:55 AM.
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