What’s a credit card security/registration code?

What is my credit card security/registration code?

Your credit card registration code also know as "security code" is a 4 digit number that you create when you register a stored credit card or debit card online on skinny.co.nz.

It's NOT the same as the PIN for your credit card, and for security reasons you should choose a different number.  It is also not the same as the on your card.

You will be asked for this number when you want to make payments with a stored card on the website, the Skinny Mobile Menu, or when calling us to Top-up on 204. 

Having this number set up means you don't have to enter all your card details every time you want to Top-up.

If you forget your credit card registration/security code, simply re-register your credit card online and select a new registration/security code.  

Posted - Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 7:11 PM.
Online URL: https://support.skinny.co.nz/article/what-s-a-credit-card-security-registration-code-90.html

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