How can I top up

How can I top up my Skinny account?

You can top up online right here.

Alternatively, you can buy top-up vouchers from thousands of places around the country such as dairies, gas stations, and supermarkets.

The minimum top up amount with Skinny is $5.

Once you have a top-up voucher you can load it into your account by dialing 204 and following the voice prompts.

Alternatively, you can top up using the Skinny Mobile Self Service Menu by texting your top up voucher code to 2424 or you download the skinny app for Apple or Android phones.

You can find information about topping up here.


Please note that we only support VISA and MASTERCARD FOR Credit/debit card top-ups.

Posted - Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 7:11 PM.
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