Call Waiting

With Call Waiting, you'll know when someone is trying to reach you, even if you're on another call.

Call waiting is only available on certain phones, and to learn how to use this feature on your mobile device, head on below!

To use Call Waiting, dial the relevant code on your mobile phone's keypad.

  1. To check the status of Call Waiting on your device, dial *#43#
  2. To activate Call Waiting on your device, dial *43#
  3. To deactivate Call Waiting on your device, dial #43#


Can other callers (all three parties) hear each other?

Nope! Both conversations are private. The callers cannot hear each other. If one of your callers hangs up, you'll be automatically connected to the other caller after a couple of seconds.


Would I have to accept the second call now that I have activated Call Waiting?

No, you can ignore the second call. Continue your conversation and ignore the Call Waiting tone, and it will stop after a few repetitions.

The second caller will hear nine rings, then they will either be connected to your voicemail or hear an automated message telling them to try back later.


What happens when I accept a new call?

You can switch between two calls each time. If a third person calls, that person will either be connected to your voicemail (if you have it) or hear an engaged tone.

Posted - Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 2:12 PM.
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