Are your text messages appearing as a different number?

  • Are your text messages appearing as a different number?
  • Have you recently joined Skinny and have brought your number over from a different provider?
  • Are your friends or family receiving text messages from a different number rather than the number you've brought over?

This issue usually arises when a customer has just ported in from a different provider. Each Skinny SIM card is provisioned to have an assigned mobile number that starts with 0204.

In some cases, the number brought over does not update the device and therefore sending out text messages using the assigned 0204 number. Rest assured, there's nothing wrong with your mobile number. To stop this issue from happening again, follow the simple procedures below!

iMessages Setting

  1. Check if the sent messages are 'iMessages' (blue) or Text messages (green)

  • If the message is blue - go into settings and turn iMessage on and off.
    This allows your Message application to refresh and receive updated information. 


Mobile Number Setting

  1. Go to Settings  
  2. Select Phone 
  3. Select My Number 
  4. If you see a number that starts with +64204, remove and replace this number with your own number by adding +64 and then your own mobile number. 
    For example, if your mobile number is 021333444, then you can replace the whole number as +6421333444
  5. Restart the phone after this process and try testing.

    - Settings   
    - Phone
    - My Number
     Ensure that your mobile number is saved correctly 
Posted - Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 11:14 AM.
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