Skinny’s new look FAQs

Why does the website and app look different?

It was time for us to update our brand to better suit our customers’ needs and what better way to do that than update our look and feel at the same time. Everyone likes a makeover!


Why has my Combo’s name changed?

As a part of our new look and feel we’ve had a look at our plans and tried to make things a bit simpler for everyone to understand. So now instead of calling our plans “Combos” and using names like ”Mini”, “Core”, and “Loaded”, we’re calling things what they are.

We’ve updated our names to the $9, $16, $26, and $46 Plans. Plus, we’re stoked to introduce our new $36 and $66 Plans to round out our line-up.


What’s the difference between a Plan and a Combo?

There’s no difference at all! We’ve just updated our naming to make things simpler for everyone. You still buy, use and pay for Plans in the same way as before.


I received a text saying my Weekly Combo wasn’t available anymore?

That’s right, as part of the changes we’ve made, we’re saying goodbye to the Busy Fingers, Loose Lips, and Data Weekly Combos.

But don’t worry, if you’d like to keep any of these plans, you just need to keep topping up and make sure it renews every 7 days and you’re good to go.

If you don’t renew your plan or you cancel it you won’t be able to get it back, but there are plenty of other great value plans to choose from.


I’m on Skinny Direct and am looking at joining Skinny Mobile now that the new $66 Plan has 30GB of Rollover Data. Can I keep my current rollover data?

No sorry, when you move from Skinny Direct to Skinny your data balances will all reset.

I’ve only just purchased the $46 Plan yesterday and am now only seeing the new extra 2 GB Rollover Data, can I get this now?

No sorry, your additional 2GB of data will apply from the date of your next plan renewal.

Is there any data speed restriction for the $66 Plan?

It depends on the mobile phone you’re currently using, and if your phone is set to pick up 3G or 4G speeds. Otherwise not at all, enjoy to your heart's content.

Posted - Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 5:41 AM.
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