Skinny App Help

Need some help using the Skinny App?


App - Dashboard

The home dashboard shows you a real-time view of how many minutes, texts and data you have remaining.

You can check your balance and manage your Plan/Add-Ons here too.




App - Top-Up

Topping up is simple! Just choose "Top-up" from the menu.

You can then choose to Top-Up by voucher or pre-registered credit/debit card.




It's easy to keep track of your credit transfers in the app and the icons below make it super simple to see the status of all your transfers.

  • Imageshows who you've transferred credit to
  • Imageshows your accepted credit transfers
  • Imageshows if your account has been topped up
  • Imageshows unsuccessful credit transfers



Posted - Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 10:34 AM.
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