Premium SMS Messaging

What is a Premium SMS message?

A Premium SMS text is a subscription service provided by premium service providers and carried over the mobile network by your mobile phone carrier. Each premium service provider charges a fee for the premium SMS/MMS and these services would come from Voting, Donations, placing bets on TAB, downloading ringtones, subscribing to daily horoscopes or news alerts.

What is Skinny's Premium Text rate?

There is no standard pricing for each text and most charges can be found from the respective companies for whom they are sending to. For more info, click here and select Premium SMS Rates!

Can I block any unwanted Premium Text Messages to avoid any unintentional charges?

Yes, you can! The images below serve as a guide to block a contact or number for Apple and Android devices. 

Apple Devices -



Android devices -




"I can't seem to send any text messages to 2424. Why is that?"

Some device manufacturers would place default settings that disable premium messaging to avoid any unintentional charging and since 2424 (Skinny's free-text service) is actually a premium number, your customer will have to manually enable this function on their side. Follow the steps below!



Android  9.0 and above

 Android 7.0 and 8.0 

 Android 6 and below 
  • Select SETTINGS 
  • Select Apps/Applications
  • Select Messages 


  • Select Message Services
  • Select '3-dot' ICON for more options


  • Select 'Send Premium Text Message'


  • Select All Permissions


  • Select Ask/Always allow

  • Select "Use Premium text message settings" 

  • Select Send and View Messages



  • Tap on "Messages" 


  • Change the selected setting from "Never" to "Ask" 



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