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I'm not on a Rollover Combo. Can I still transfer Data or Minutes?

  • No, you can only transfer Top-Up credit. You need to be on a Rollover Combo to be able to gift allowances.

Do I need to be on a Combo to receive a gift?

  • Nope, you simply need to have an active Skinny Mobile account, however, if you aren't on a Rollover Combo, you get access to your Rollover gift for 7 days. If you're on Skinny Direct or Skinny Broadband though, you can not receive a gift.

Can I transfer Minutes of a $46 Ultra Combo?

  • Unfortunately not. The $46 Combo has unlimited Minutes which can't be gifted or shared. But if you have Rollover Minutes on your account that you haven't been using, you can gift those.

How come I only have 7 days to use my gift?

  • A gift is valid for 12 months. If you are on an active Rollover Combo you can use the Rollover Data or Minutes you've been gifted like the other Rollover Allocation type on your account - there's no 7-day usage limit.
  • If you aren't on a Rollover Combo, you get access to your Rollover gift for 7 days. If you haven't used it all up before the 7 days, it will still remain on your account for a total of 12 months, but you'll only be able to access it once you buy a Rollover Combo.

I sent my gift to the wrong account, what do I do?

  • Contact us and we'll sort you out with this one.

Is there a limit to how much I can gift?

  • Yes, you can gift up to $60 per 7 days, 1GB of Rollover Data per 28 days, and 500 Rollover Minutes per 28 days.

I received a gift - can I re-gift it?

  • Absolutely, you can re-gift using the Skinny Mobile App - it'll be treated like any Skinny gift.

Do I get a notification when my gift expires?

  • No, the gift is added to your existing allowances, so you'll be getting the standard notifications when your allowance runs out.

I am on a Rollover Combo and I have not exceeded the monthly Gifting Limit, however, I am still unable to Gift any of my Rollover Minutes or Data. Why is that? 

  • If you are currently on any retired Combos such as the $16 Big Value, $26 Big Data or the $46 Ultimate Combos, you will have to upgrade to our current 4-Weekly Prepay Rollover Combos in order to use Skinny Gifting.
    Don't worry, we have not changed the prices for these new Rollover Combos. In fact, we've added even more data and minutes to them! Click here for more information!
Posted - Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 1:15 PM.
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