Notes on Data calculation

You can see your data usage and charges in the Skinny Dashboard: Account History section. You must be registered on this website to see this information. You can register here.

We want you to be able to clearly see and understand the amount of data you are charged.

Data usage and the amount of included data charged are presented in MB and decimals thereof. Because of the odd way that computer engineers calculate MB (i.e. 1MB = 1024KB) there is an oddity in the way that the 5KB rounding we use is applied and charges and data usage is presented on our website.

To reconcile your usage (or check our calculations) versus the amount of MB shown and charged on our website, you can do as follows:

1.     Convert your MB amount / duration to KB by multiplying by 1024. (Note that the MB amount / duration as displayed on the portal is truncated to 3 decimal places, so there is a chance that the 4th decimal place is something like a 9).

2.    Round up the KB amount / duration to the nearest 5KB.

3.     Convert the resulting amount back to MB by dividing by 1024 and round it to 3 decimal places.

As an example: Amount / duration of data use in session displayed on portal = 0.174 MB

Converted to KB = 178.17 (0.174 x 1024)

Round up to nearest 5KB = 180 KB

Converted back to MB = 0.17578 (180 / 1024)

Cost of session as displayed = 0.176 MB

Posted - Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 3:43 PM.
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