My Skinny Unlimited Broadband (ADSL or VDSL) keeps disconnecting

There are a lot of factors that can make an internet connection less reliable. In many cases it’s something quick and easy you can sort with your equipment.


WiFi issues

The first problem that’s easy to eliminate is WiFi issues. If you notice that your internet gets slow or disconnects on one device, or in a particular room of your house it may be due to a poor wireless signal.


The best way to eliminate WiFi issues is to connect up to your modem via an Ethernet cable, as this won’t be affected by distance or signal issues at all, and is much more reliable.


If that’s not possible (because you’re using a device without an Ethernet port, for example), check out this guide on how to make the most of the wireless signal in your home:


If you notice that even when you connect via Ethernet that you still have trouble, it’s likely that there’s something else causing trouble.


Isolation test

To help work out where the issue lies you’ll need to do what is known as an Isolation test. You can read up on how to do an Isolation test here.


As you try your modem on its own at different jackpoints, keep a note of whether you run into stability issues. If you do notice that you still have trouble, take a note of what the WAN light on the modem does. If it is not showing solid green when you notice a disconnection this means the modem has lost the DSL signal. If you get this at one jackpoint, move on to the next jackpoint.


Repeat the above until you’ve tried every jackpoint. If you find that your connection is stable at one jackpoint, it points to there being an issue with your internal wiring. If you’d like for us to arrange to have this sorted, chat with us below and we'd be glad to help. Note that there will be a fee for any internal wiring work. Alternatively, an electrician may be able to sort this out for you.

If you still have trouble after trying the modem at all jackpoints, chat with us so we can run further tests, and work towards getting the issue sorted. Our care team is available 8am-7pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-5pm on weekends and public holidays.


Posted - Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 12:11 PM.
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