MMS, data (internet) settings

How do I set up MMS and data for internet and email on my mobile?

Most devices will work straight out of the box however if you’re unable to access the internet or send picture messages (MMS) then see the settings below.


Within your phone settings, find the mobile data / cellular data or 'APN' settings, and enter the details below:

Port, Proxy, Server, Username & password: Leave blank
Encryption: Normal
Method: IPv4


Go into your settings, find the Network Access Point settings and select MMS. Enter the following:

MMS Centre:
MMS Proxy
Port: 80
MCC: 530
MNC: 05
Authentication type: leave blank
APN Type: default,mms
APN Protocol: IPv4
User name and Password: leave blank

Posted - Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 7:10 PM.
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