My Skinny Unlimited Broadband (ADSL or VDSL) is too slow

There are a lot of factors which can contribute to a slow internet connection. In many cases it’s something quick and easy you can sort with your equipment.


The most common causes of slow internet are:

  • Wireless signal strength
  • Other devices using the internet at the same time
  • Interference on the line caused by extra devices being connected


The first one that’s easy to eliminate is wireless signal issues. If you notice that your internet gets slow on one device, or in a particular room of your house it may be due to a poor wireless signal. The best way to eliminate wireless signal issues is to connect up to your modem via an Ethernet cable, as this won’t be affected by distance or signal issues at all, and is much more reliable.



If that’s not possible (because you’re using a device without an Ethernet port, for example), check out this guide on how to make the most of the wireless signal in your home:


If you notice that even when you connect via Ethernet that you still run into speed issues, it’s likely that there’s something else causing trouble.



The next thing that you can rule out is other devices using the line at the same time.

Some common things which use lines can include:

  • Computers downloading updates
  • Uploading photos to Facebook
  • Large game downloads
  • Syncing files to an online backup provider
  • File sharing applications


Please make sure that there’s nothing else running on your network when you’re noticing your connection is running slowly. If you’re not sure which computer or device is using the connection, the best way to check is to disconnect or turn off all of your devices except for one.



When you have only one device, (preferably a computer) connected to the modem, make sure that there’s nothing running in the background on the device, and check to see if your speeds have improved. If you notice that speeds are better, it’s likely that one of the other devices you had connected before was using the line heavily, slowing down the internet for other devices.


If after trying with a single computer you’re still noticing lower than expected speeds there’s another test you can do.


This test is called an Isolation test. You can read up on how to do an Isolation test here.

As you try your modem on its own at different jackpoints, make sure that there are no other devices connected to the line.




As you try the modem at different jackpoints, test the speed at each one using Check this link for more information on When you’re testing at each jackpoint, make sure there’s still nothing else using the internet.


If you find that you get better speeds at one jackpoint then it is likely a fault with that particular jackpoint, or the internal wiring at your property. We’d recommend using the jackpoint which gives the best speeds. If you’d like we can arrange for a technician to visit your address to resolve internal wiring issues, however there will be a fee for this. Please contact us on 0800 4 SKINNY (0800 475 4669) for more information. Alternatively, an electrician may be able to repair internal wiring for you.


If after trying all jackpoints you still find that speeds are lower than expected, please get in touch via 0800 4 SKINNY (0800 475 4669) so we can look into the issue further.


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