What happens if I run out of data?

 It’s super easy to keep track of your usage on your Skinny Wireless 4G Broadband dashboard and you can check how much data you have left by logging into your account at skinny.co.nz.

It’s updated in real time so you know exactly what you’ve used and what you’ve got left on your 30-day plan.

If you do run out of data, don’t worry, you can repurchase your plan at any time to get another 240GB/120GB/60GB or buy a data Add-On of 10GB for $20.

There are no overage rates or charges on the account either so you will not be charged any extra.



Posted - Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 7:11 PM.
Online URL: https://support.skinny.co.nz/article/what-happens-if-i-run-out-of-data-261.html

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