How do I monitor data usage on my phone (from the phone itself)?

How do I monitor and control data usage on my phone?

First up, our online self service portal My Skinny which you access via has all the info you need, so hit that up if you can. For most users, this is by far the easiest way to go.

All you need to do is Sign Up here and then you'll be able to see all of your usage - calls, texts and data - as well as view your  balances, Top-ups, shop purchases, Skinny Dollars balances, chage our plan and Add-ons and loads of other stuff.

If you want to check data usage on your phone rather than via the wonderful My Skinny, here are your options.


Basic phones

If you have one of our INQ Chat, Huawei or U2800 Handsets, check your phones manual for info on how to view data usage within your phone settings. Its probably much easier for you to sign up for My Skinny and use that, to be honest.

For our Nokia handsets, do the following:
On the C2-01 = Go to Menu - > Log -> Data Monitor
On the X3-02 / X3-02i = Go to Menu -> Contacts -> Log -> Data Monitor



There are a few ways you can monitor your data usage if you have an Android or iPhone powered smartphone.  Apart from the functionality within the OS itself, you can grab an app that lets you do that and a whole lot more.


To view data usage via the iPhone OS:
Go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Cellular Usage
(Use the reset statistics button at the bottom to start the clock each week and check your weekly usage).

iPhone apps to look at:
-     Onavo Extend
-     Data Usage
-     My Data Manager


The Android OS doesn’t have anything built in, but there are loads of apps on the Play Store / market to do the job. What works best may depend on your handset and Android version, so it may be worth experimenting a little. You need one that does a weekly counter, of course…

Android apps to look at:
-     Phone Usage
-     3G Watchdog
-     My Data Manager
-     Onavo Count (or also look at Onavo extend)

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