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With Skinny’s Text Self-Service you can check your balance, buy or cancel your Plan, Add-Ons, Top-Up - all from your phone simply by sending a text. Not only is texting quick and easy but also these Self-Service texts are free to send!

Text Self Service is ideal for customers with Windows and BlackBerry smartphones or that have 'feature' phones on which the Skinny App is unsupported.


  • Try it yourself by texting the following keywords to 2424, or click  here  to see the full list of commands.  

  • Topping up won’t activate a Plan automatically, so you’ll need to buy a Plan using the steps below.


1. To get your balance, text BAL to 2424.

  • Get your current balance of credit, minutes, texts and/or data


2. To top-up your account, text TOPUP to 2424.

  • Using a voucher?  Text  TOPUP <12-digit voucher code>

  • Using a stored credit/debit card?  Text TOPUP <amount> <4-digit registration code> . E.g. TOPUP 5 2234 would top you up $5.

  • Just make sure to choose a Top-Up amount of $5 or more

  • Login  to register your credit card and set up your 4-digit registration code.


3 . To buy a Plan or Add-On:

  • To get a Plan, insert <Plan name> 
    E.g. $16Plan and send to 2424

  • To get an Add-On, insert <Add-On name> 
    E.g. Data500 and send to 2424

  • To see all 28-day Plans and Add-Ons names, use the following command, insert <4Weekly>
    E.g. 4Weekly and send to 2424

  • To see all 7-day Plans and Add-Ons names, use the following command, insert <Weekly>
    E.g. Weekly and send to 2424

4. To cancel a Plan or Add-On:

  • To cancel existing Plans AND Add-On, insert < STOP >
    E.g. STOP and send to 2424

  • To cancel an Add-on, insert < STOP Add-On name
    E.g. STOP DATA500 and send to 2424


5. To get information about your account, text INFO to 2424. This provides details such as

  • what Plan you’re on, how much it costs and when it renews.

  • what Add-Ons you currently have and how much they cost.


6. To transfer your credit to another Skinny number:

  • Insert <Amount> Transfer <Phone number>

  • E.g. 5 TRANSFER 0204203030 and send to 2424

7. Forgotten what your mobile number is?

  • Text My Number to 2424 , an automatic reply will display your current mobile number.

8. To find out which Add-ons are available to you, insert < ADDON/addon >

  • E.g. Talk80 and send to 2424


9. To download the Skinny Mobile App, insert <APP>

  • E.g. APP and sent to 2424


 10.  To receive information on what Roaming Add-Ons are available in the country you are in, insert < Name of Country >

  • E.g. Canada and send to 2424

The response will instruct you that data roaming is not available in that country or if it is available then to reply with one of the following three commands:

  • 3 Day Roam
  • 7 Day Roam
  • 7 Day Data Roam





Plans & Add-Ons Management  
Top up with a voucher TOPUP <voucher code>
Topup with a stored credit card TOPUP <amount> <credit card verification code>
Request balance 'BALANCE' or 'BAL'
Get a list of Plans available PLAN 
Get a list of weekly Plans available WEEKLY
Get a list of 28-day Plans available 4WEEKLY, 28DAY
Get a list of Add-Ons available ADDON 
4 Weekly Plans  
Buy the $9 Plan BUY$9PLAN / $9PLAN / 9PLAN 
Buy the $16 Plan BUY$16PLAN / $16PLAN / 16PLAN 
Buy the $26 Plan BUY$26PLAN / $26PLAN / 26PLAN 
Buy the $36 Plan BUY$36PLAN / $36PLAN / 36PLAN 
Buy the $46Plan BUY$46PLAN / $46PLAN / 46PLAN 
Buy the $66 Plan BUY$66PLAN / $66PLAN / 66PLAN 
WEEKLY Plans  
Buy the $5 Weekly Plan BUY WEEKLY
Buy the Talk100 Add-on BUY TALK100
Buy the 500MB Add-on BUY DATA500
Buy the 1GB Add-on BUY DATA1GB
Buy the 2GB Add-on BUY DATA2GB
Buy the Skinny Mins Add-on BUY SKINNYMINS
Buy the Talk80 Add-on BUY TALK80
Buy the Text250 Add-on BUY TEXT250
Buy the Data80 Add-on BUY DATA80
Buy the Data200 Add-on BUY DATA200
Buy the Data600 Add-on BUY DATA600
Buy the Mates Rates Add-on BUY MATESRATES
Buy the Aussie Minutes Add-On BUY AUSSIECHAT
Buy the International Minutes Add-On BUY OVERSEASCHAT
Buy the 10 Minute Data Binge BUY10MINUTES / BUY10MIN / BY10MINS
Buy the 1 Hour Data Binge BUY60MINS / BY1HOUR / BUY1OUR
Buy the 4 Hour Data Binge BUY4HOUR / BY4HOURS / BUY 4 HOURS
Buy the 12 Hour Data Binge BUY12HOUR / BUY 12 HOURS / BUY 12HOURS
Buy the 3 Day Roaming Add-on BUY3DAYROAM / 3DAYROAM / 3 DAY ROAM
Buy the 7 Day Roaming Add-on BUY7DAYROAM / 7DAYROAM / 7 DAY ROAM
Buy the 7 Day Data Roaming Add-on BUY7DAYDATAROAM / 7DAYDATAROAM / 7 DAY DATA ROAM
Cancel all Plans and Add-ons STOP
Cancel the Talk60 Add-on STOPTALK60
Cancel the Talk80 Add-on STOPTALK80
Cancel the Skinny Mins Add-on STOPSKINNYMINS
Cancel the Text250 Add-on STOPTEXT250
Cancel the Data80 Add-On STOPDATA80
Cancel the Data200 Add-On STOPDATA200
Cancel the Data500 Add-On STOPDATA500
Cancel the Data600 Add-On STOPDATA600
Cancel the Data1GB Add-on STOPDATA1GB
Cancel the Data2GB Add-on STOPDATA2GB
Cancel a Recurring Offer STOPOFFER
Cancel the mates Rates Add-On STOPMATESRATES
Get set up Info INFO
Transfer Credit AMOUNT (space) TRANSFER (space) MSISDN
(You do not need to put in $ sign)
Find out what my number is MYNUMBER
Skinny App  App



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