Why is my roaming data being used up even if I am not accessing the internet on my phone?

While you may not be using your internet browser, it’s likely your phone is still using the net in the background – such as retrieving emails, getting social media notifications, or auto-updating apps.

In order to not use mobile data while you’re roaming, it’s best to disable this option in your phone's settings.

Skinny website and Apps are zero-rated while in New Zealand and overseas while roaming so you don’t incur any charges browsing Skinny.co.nz or using the Skinny mobile app.

Posted - Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 7:11 PM.
Online URL: https://support.skinny.co.nz/article/why-is-my-roaming-data-being-used-up-even-if-i-am-not-accessing-the-internet-on-my-phone-227.html

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