How do I access my voicemail from overseas?

First, you’ll need to know your voicemail PIN. This is easy to find out – just follow these simple steps before you go:

Access your voicemail from within NZ as usual

Select option 3 'Change your personal options'

Select option 2 'Change your PIN'

You will now hear your PIN

Then, when you’re overseas, remember to dial the voicemail number with the international prefix – so: +64 204 864 236.

To retrieve a voicemail while overseas you will be charged a standard $1 charge or, if you have a Roaming Add-On it will be charged per minute from your Roaming Minutes. Alternatively, you can turn off voicemail while you’re overseas by calling us.

Posted - Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 7:11 PM.
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