Voucher top-up failure

My top up voucher didn't work. Why?

It could be as simple as an incorrectly entered recharge number, try re - entering in the recharge number again to check if you put in the numbers correctly.

If you have entered in your recharge number incorrectly 5 times, your voucher top up facility will be blocked for a couple of hours to protect you against fraud.

If your still experiencing trouble using your recharge voucher, please give us a call on 204 from your Skinny mobile, 0800 4 754669 from another number.

If you have run out of credit and need get in touch with someone, try the Call Me Back option on the Skinny Mobile Menu (dial *888#, hit call and select option 8, then option 2). You can send a message to anyone you know asking them to call you. (You get 3 free Call Me Back texts every 24 hours).

If you have accidentally bought the wrong top up, unfortunately there's not a lot we can do. The best idea is to get back in touch with the shop who sold you the voucher to see if that can swap it for you.