Unwanted calls or texts

I am receiving unwanted Spam texts. How can I stop them?

What is text Spam?

Unsolicited commercial messages promoting goods and services that are text to your mobile phone when you have not agreed to receive them.

What is not text Spam?

  • Messages that you have agreed to receive
  • Skinny service messages
  • Skinny sales and marketing information (unless you’ve requested to not receive these via the Skinny Website.)

What is being done to stop text Spam?

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 is designed to help prevent Spam. You can Complain about Spam to the Department of Internal Affairs' Electronic Messaging Compliance team. The Department may investigate these complaints and take the appropriate action.

How do I report text Spam?

There are two ways to report text Spam:

 1. Text 7726 

  • Forward the Spam text to 7726
  • You will receive a reply from 7726 requesting the number that the Spam text came from.
  • Reply to 7726 with the number the Spam text came from, job done!

Here’s an example:

  • You received a text from 898900 saying, “You’ve won a $1million dollars. Please reply to this message with your name and address.”
  • Forward the above text to 7726.
  • You will then receive a reply from 7726 requesting you to send the number the Spam text came from.
  • Reply with 898900.

2. Online

 Fill out an online form on the Department of Internal Affairs website