Unable to connect to the internet

The internet on my phone, dongle or tablet isn't working. How do I fix this?

The most common reason for a device being unable to connect to the internet is incorrect internet (APN) settings. Check out the settings page for the correct settings.

If that doesn't work for you, here's a few other things to check:

1. Check that your phone is compatible with Skinny (if you didn't buy it from us).

2. Check you have signal, you can double check your coverage to make sure you are not in a bad coverage area.

3. Check that you've  your SIM if it is the first time you are using the phone.

4. Check that  is turned off.

5. Check that you have enough credit or data to access the internet from your Skinny device.

6. Perform a restart of your device. Take your battery and SIM card our for 1 minute, put everything back together and then try make a call.

7. Check you are not trying to connect to the internet via WiFi, WiFi connections are not provided by Skinny Mobile.

8. For roaming, buy the appropriate roaming pack and make sure that your APN setting is wapaccess.co.nz (APN settings are usually located under 'Settings' and/or 'Mobile networks' on most devices.)

If you are still experiencing issues after you have tried the above, please call our Technical Support team on 204 from your Skinny mobile or 0800 4 754669 from another number for further troubleshooting.