Retirement of Old Standard Rates FAQs

Skinny Mobile is retiring it's old Standard Rates as of the 15th March 2017

Any customer who is on the following Standard Rates will be moved to the new standard rates as of the 15th March.

Old Standard Rates


New Standard Rates



Why are you getting rid of the old standard rates?
These days, our customers are using more and more data. Our old standard rates used more expensive data bundles, so we’ve made the decision to update everyone to the current standard rates so they can enjoy the much cheaper data rates.

You have reduced two rates but the text has gone up, why couldn’t you keep it at 8c?
Our standard rates are all about simplicity. That’s why we charge only 20c per minute, per text, or per MB of data. Although we are increasing the text message rate, the data and calling rate has decreased considerably. This is great news for your back pocket!

Customers who send more than one text a day are better off on the $8 Text Unlimited Plan.

I only use this for text, how many texts can I now get for under $5?
$5 will get you a cool 25 text messages to flick out. If you are sending more than one text a day, you are better off on the $9 Starter Plan. If you only have $5, it is going to be better value to purchase a $5 Weekly Plan. This way you also get calling minutes and data should you need to use it too.  

Why can’t we choose what rates we want to be on?
We offer a range of Monthly and Weekly Plans for you to choose from depending on what you need. When it comes to standard rates though we like to keep things super simple, which is why they’re called “standard” rates – because everyone gets them if they’re not on a Plan.

When can I use the old standard rates until?
On the 15th March 2017 you will no longer be able to use the old Standard Rates and you will be automatically switched to our new standard rates.

What will happen on the 15th March if I am still on the old Standard rates?
You will be automatically switched to the new standard rates.