How do we know when you used your data?

How do we know how much data you have used ?

How do we know when you used your data?

There are two things that the system looks at to calculate when you used your data:

1. When you turned your data on (Session start time)

Our systems do not record the time that you turned your data on. It records the time you phones starts to use the data. This gives us the session start time

For example if you turn your data on at 1:00pm and an app starts to use that data at 2:00pm, your data session start time is 2:00pm.

2. When you turn off your data (Session end time)

Ours system does not record the time you turn your data off  as the end time,  if your device was not able to relay to our system that the data has been turned off then our systems will try and ping the device after an approximate time of 4 hours. This is done to test if the data is on or not. Once this ping confirms that your data is off, that gives us the end session.

A little complicated but here's an example:  if you turn you data off at 1:00pm and the device doesn't relay this to our systems then your data session end time would be approximately 4 hours after, sometime around 5:00pm.

Please note: You are not using any of your allocated data while your data it is turned off.