Holiday SIM FAQs

Skinny has launched a range of SIM cards designed to cater for visitors to New Zealand!

Click here to find out more on these SIMs and Holiday Plans we offer.


Can I still use the 3G network even though it says its a 4G SIM?    
Yes you can, the indication on the packaging is just branding to let customers know that we use a 4G network as well

I can't use the data on my phone but texting and calling works.
This could be becuase your APN settings need to be set to work in New Zealand.  You can access this menu in most phones by going into 'Settings' and looking for a setting called APN (Access Point Names).

Once you have found this you need to enter the APN as "".  Click here for more on this subject.
Is my phone compatible to use this SIM?    
You can ask to run our compatibility checker at the store, or go to You need to make sure that your phone isn't locked to your local provider's network. If you phone is using the 3G frequencies of 850MHz and 2100MHz or the 4G frequencies of 700Mhz and 1800Mhz then yes you are good to go.
My phone is locked to a network in another country, can I still use it?
Even if your phone supports our 3G and 4G frequencies, unfortunately you won't be able to use our network if your phone is locked to another provider either overseas or here in New Zealand
I already have an account with Skinny, can I purchase this?    
Yes, but it will be on the separate Tourist SIM, also, keep in mind that the Tourist Pack cannot be renewed

Can I transfer (port) my NZ number on to this SIM?    
Yes you can, no worries at all.  You will need to go online and fill out the 'Keep my number' request form
I was on Skinny 2 years ago when I was here, can I just use that account again?    
To get this deal you will need to purchase one of our specialised SIMs so no you will not be able to use that SIM card.
Can I use the app to monitor my usage?    
Yes, you are more than welcome to download our app from either the play store or the apple store, you simply need to use the mobile number to get going
What do I do with the SIM once I have finished the pack?    
If you want to keep using this SIM, you can top it up and buy a Skinny Plan. If you don't need it anymore you can either throw this away or give it to a friend or family member to use if they will be visiting NZ at any point
Can I give the SIM to a friend or family member?    
Yes, this is a great idea, please be aware though that you will not be able to get a new Tourist Pack. Instead, you will need to top up the SIM and buy one of our great Skinny Mobile Plans

Can I purchase another skinny Plan from your store?    
You can definitely purchase a Skinny Mobile Plan, just not from our store. You can top up your SIM here, and then use the Skinny App or the SMS self-service to buy a Plan.
Can I bring my international number with me and transfer it onto this SIM?    
No, unfortunately we do not offer international porting
What happens if I run out of data?    
If you run out of data and you want to use more then you will need to purchase a Plan that includes data, if you are needing mroe data than the Plan provides then you can also add a data Add-On as well.
Can I renew the same pack?    
Unfortunately these packs are for one off use so when this comes to an end you will need to purchase a Plan if you are wanting to still use the SIM

Are overage rates charged when my quota is used up?    
There is actually no credit on the account so no usage or charges apply. If you top up your SIM, Standard rates will apply.
Do I go on to Standard rates at the end of the pack finishing?    
Yes, you will go to standard rates, form there you can then add a Plan and any Add-Ons of your choosing
How do I top up my phone/account?    
You can do this using a voucher available from our partner stores or you can go online and top up using a credit card

I come to NZ every year, can I keep using the same SIM?    
Yes you can however you should be aware that SIMs do expire after a year meaning that you must top it up at least once every 365 days to keep it alive and working.  You should also be aware that the offer on these SIMs is a one off so you will not be able to use this same pack more than once.
Can I choose my number?    
The offer is tethered to the SIM not the number so yes this is possible.  If a customer is wanting to do this then they will need to create an account and go through the usual channel.  
Why can't I renew the same pack even though I come into the country every month for a week?    
These packs are designed to be a one off price that includes all of the texts, mins, data all bundled with the SIM.  Don't worry though, once the pack hs come to an end you will be able to use the SIM to purchase Plans and Add-Ons
What do we do if the SIM is faulty?
Make sure to activate the SIM in store to make sure it's active and working correctly. If the SIM is faulty, contact us on 0800 4754669 (08004SKINNY) to arrange a replacement.

Do I get text notifications for low balance and pack expiry?    
Yes you do.

Can I set up an online account?    
Yes, no problem at all.  You just need to visit and follow the sign up process
What do I do if I loose my SIM?    
Unfortunately if you loose your SIM then there isn't much we can do sorry.  It is possible to purchase another SIM for $4 and then customise it with a Plan and an Add-On of your choosing
Will the pack continue if I do a SIM swap?    
Yes, your remaining pack balance will be transferred to your new SIM

If I use all of my NZ/Aus minutes and I want to call AUS does it use my 'overseas' minutes?    
No, the Overseas minutes are only for the rest of the included international destinations. To call NZ or AUS you'll need to top up your SIM and get a Skinny Mobile Plan.
Can I buy an add-on?    
Yes, no worries at all.  You will need to purchase a Plan first though as an Add-On literally needs to be "added on" to something
What countries am I able to call with the International Mins?    
You are able to call 23 different countries, they are: China, Hong Kong, India, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Ireland, Netherlands or South Africa.
What stores are selling these?    
These particular SIMs are available at 'Relay' stores located in Airports throughout New Zealand
Can the packs be renewed/Do they automatically renew?    
No, unfortunately these packs are one off packs

Does it cost credit/minutes to receive a call from overseas on this pack?    
No, it does not cost any Skinny credit or use any minutes to receive a call from overseas

How do I check Voicemail?    
In order to check voicemail, you will need to top up so that you have credit as there is an 18c charge per call to voicemail. Once you have credit you can call 222 from your mobile to check these messages.