MMS & Data (Internet) Settings

How do I set up MMS and Data for Internet on my mobile? 

Most devices will work straight out of the box however if you’re unable to access the internet or send picture messages (MMS) then see the settings below. 

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from a mobile phone to a cellular network. MMS messages are delivered in a different way from an SMS and these messages are then forwarded to Skinny's MMS store and forward server, known as the MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Centre). 



Below are steps on how to make sure that your device is MMS enabled -

 Android Handset Devices 

  1. Go into your settings 

  2. Find Mobile Network

3. Select Access Point Names

4. Select the main profile and select the cog icon to edit




5. Enter the following:

Name: Skinny Data
MMS Centre:

MMS Proxy
Port: 80
MCC: 530
MNC: 05
Authentication type: leave blank
APN Type: default, mms
APN Protocol: IPv4
User name and Password: leave blank



6. Once the appropriate details are filled, remember to save the settings


 Apple Handset Devices 

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Find Messages

  3. Enable MMS



Do you have Mobile Data activated your handset?

To use Mobile Data, you should first check that your Mobile Data switch is turned on. (Refer to the images below)






Do you have an active Prepaid plan selected?

Make it easy on yourself and keep an eye on your spend by grabbing a Prepaid plan.That way you only use what you've paid for, plus it's a little more cost effective. Head to this page for more information on what you can get for the best value!




Does your handset have the right APN (Access Point Names) settings?

In some scenarios, your handset may not have the right APN (Access Point Names) settings which is vital as it sets up a connection to the gateway between Skinny’s cellular network and the public Internet.
Skinny does all the heavy lifting on our side but you’ll need to make sure the right settings are in place to get on the network you need.

To ensure that your handset has the right APN settings, visit this page!