Factory resetting your Skinny Unlimited HG659 modem

In some cases a modem may need to be reset back to factory settings. This is different to a reboot or restart (turning it off and then back on again) as it’ll lose any changes you’ve made to the settings. Some people like to change their wireless network name (SSID) and password. If you’ve done this, rest assured! After a factory reset, the SSID and password will change back to the defaults (shown on a sticker on the back of your modem). Using these or an ethernet cable, you’ll be able to change it back in a jiffy Click here to see how.


If a member of our support team has asked you to factory reset your Skinny modem, follow the steps below:


Note: You will need a paperclip or pen to access the reset button.


  1. Make sure you have the modem plugged in and turned on
  2. Press and hold reset button (next to DSL port) with pen or paperclip while powered on
  3. Wait until the WLAN light turns off, and LAN1-4 turn on
  4. Let go of reset button
  5. Wait for modem to restart

 See below for an example of how to access the reset button with a paperclip.