Unlock a Skinny Huawei U2800

How do I unlock my Skinny Huawei U2800 to use it on another network?

1. Get the Unlock code from us by logging into Skinny.co.nz (there may be a charge for this if the device has not been used for upto 9 months, Skinny terms and conditions apply).

2. Put a non Skinny SIM in your phone and power it on. 

3. You will be prompted for the unlock ('NSCK') code you have got from us, it's a 16 digit number.
4. When you have put all 16 digits in then select OK. 

If you get it right then the phone will start up as normal.


If you get it wrong it will say Incorrect NSCK code.


It will show you the number of chances left to enter the code correctly.  


You will only get 10 chances to enter a successful unlocking code. After this the phone will lock for all networks and you will need to follow our repairs process.